Westin Construction Company is strongly committed to all aspects of sustainability.  We demonstrate our commitment through our construction techniques on every project regardless of the Certification of the project.


We investigate and team up with vendors to find environmentally positive ways to dispose of, recycle, reuse and repurpose building materials.  We aggressivelypursue ways to minimize or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in the adhesives we use, the sealants we incorporate into a project, the paints and sundries we use.  Our earth friendly sustainable strategies also include site design and set up, water use efficiency, energy and material usage and indoor environmental quality.


Westin Construction has constructed LEED certified facilities, we have constructed many ‘sustainable facilities’, we have consulted and mentored clients on the benefits of ‘green’ construction and have performed numerous cost impact studies to demonstrate that ‘green’ can be cost effective.


Sustainable design and sustainable construction is more than simply installing a bicycle rack, recycling construction debris or providing signage for fuel efficient vehicles, it is about creating healthy environments for our clients and believing that what you do makes a difference.  The culture at Westin Construction regarding sustainability is not about accolades, awards, logos, plaques or titles, it is about a genuine belief that we must be good stewards of our planet and good stewards to those who work, worship, live or learn in the facilities we construct.


Everyone is ‘going green’, but what does that mean?  We feel it is simply creating and using construction techniques while offering ideas and leadership to create longer-lasting, healthier, and more energy efficient facilities.  ‘Going green’ is about intention, overall objectives, analysis and implementation of responsible ideas from the design phase, through the construction phase that last well beyond project completion.